The Villages

Côte de Beaune

The grapes are picked and sorted by hand. Maceration lasts 3 weeks, all grapes destemmed. The wines are aged for 18 months in french oak barrels, of which around 25% are new.

Burgundy's wine-capital, Beaune, lends its name to 5,000 hecatres of majestic vineyards which extend from the villages of Ladoix-Serrigny to the hill-slopes of the Maranges. Variations in terroir hereabouts make the wines of the Côte de Beaune as diverse in charcater as they are high in quality, with full, harmonious, thoroughbred red wines.

The hue is a limpid, brillant red colour. The nose is elegant with aromas of red ripe fruits. Balanced tannins with oaky and fruity notes.

Goes well with marinated meat, duck brest, all kind of cheese.