At the heart of Beaune for eight centuries

From the « Maison du Chapitre » to the « Maison Jaffelin », a long history of wine.

Jaffelin’s history is inseparable from that of the Collégiale Notre Dame de Beaune (the Notre Dame collegiate church in Beaune). Over the centuries, our cellars have housed the wines of the Collégiale and the Cardinals.

The Chapitre’s cellars changed ownership in 1816, the year in which the Jaffelin brothers established their « maison de négoce » (trading house).

Today, our wines rest in the monastic tranquility of the Chapitre’s cellars as they did eight centuries ago.



2004, a new lease of life.

Conveying the soul of Beaune through our Burgundy fine wines

Jaffelin, the smallest of the great Burgundy wine houses as we like to remind people, entered a new chapter in its history in 2004, when we completely renovated our vat room and fitted it out with high precision equipment.

Marinette Garnier, our oenologist-winemaker, creates our "hand-made" wines in this magical location in the historical centre of Beaune.

Since then, Jaffelin continues to present the very best of the finest Burgundy terroirs within a comprehensive collection of wines, which are recognised in prestigious wine competitions and appreciated by connoisseurs around the world.