Respect the terroirs

"From the vine to the glass" - Jaffelin's know-how

We strive to bring out the Burgundy terroirs, cru by cru, wine by wine, at every stage of the winemaking process.

Harvesting : The grapes arrive at the winery in small crates at harvest time. They are carefully sorted on two successive sorting tables, then partially or fully destemmed, and transferred into wooden vats by gravty in order to preserve all their properties.

Vinification : The vat room contains oval-shaped wooden vats, ideal for the red wines as they provide good thermal inertia for alcoholic fermentation. Stainless steel vats are preferred for the white wines.



Respect the terroirs

"From the vine to the glass" - Jaffelin's know-how

Pressing : At Jaffelin, we use a vertical press with a capacity of 5 hl; perfect for our small cuvées. The advantages of this equipment, a successor to the wooden presses of yesteryear, are extraordinary. The juice is filtered due to the presence of the marc, made up of pips, skins and bits of stalk.This pressing method gives us a clear juice with no bitterness. Pressing is slow and carried out only once.

Ageing : The wines are transferred by gravity into the barrels lying in the Chapitre de Notre Dame cellars beneath the vat room. They are then aged for 10-18 months in French oak barrels to develop all their aromas and flavours in the cellars, where the temperature and humidity are regulated naturally.



Marinette Garnier, Jaffelin's winemaker

Our ambassador and expert, a young woman who is passionate about her work

Born in the heart of Burgundy, Marinette is proud of her roots. Despite her youg age, she has already obtained valuable experience at other prestigious wine houses and domaines (Domaine des Comtes Lafon, Méo-Camuzet, Bouchard Père & Fils).

She often says : "I couldn't tell you why I originally chose this profession, but it is very clear to me today!" What does she like most about her work? The hustle and bustle during vinification, as well as the peaceful atmosphere down in the ancient cellars where the wines lay ageing.