The Villages

Rully rouge

Harvesting is carried out by hand, with the grapes sorted in order to retain only the best fruit. The grapes are entirely destemmed before undergoing a 15 day maceration during which the alcoholic fermentation takes place. The wines are then aged in French oak barrels for 16 months.

The nuances between the wines come from the differences in terroir, in exposure and in altitude, all very variable in this location. The slope, lying between 230 and 300 meters’ altitude, produces wines which rival the best from the nearby Côte de Beaune. Brown or calciferous, with very little clay texture : these are Pinot Noir soils.

The wine displays a ruby red hue. On the nose, it opens with red and black fruit aromas, along with notes of roses. On the palate, the wine possesses delicate tannins which bring out the fruit.

This wine will pair perfectly with roast poultry, poultry in a sauce, and risottos.